Esport software

A fully managable and customizable tournament / league platform with hunderts of features. Users can manage their own teams / organisations, join tournaments, enter results.

Build on top of modern framworks for speed and quality.

This software is available as white-label solution. Interested? analyses the best gameplay moments and puts them on video. The video is uploaded to the website. Statistics and game performance are also analyzed and tracked, so coaches can use the information to help their teams improve.

Want to see in action?

Eatable mobile app

A prototype for a mobile application to search restaurants around the globe. It’s not like a normal restaurant search app – it’s designed for restaurants that cater to people with food intolerances. The ultimate place to search for enojoyable meals. is a website to support restaurants during the corona crisis. Restaurants which offers their services as take-away during hard times can add their information completly free to the site. It acts like a index site, to search, who offers take-away.

Customer projects

We developed over 25 daily used business applications for UPC Switzerland. There are more project coming in the future, which are currently in development under NDA.