Our Company

bytemade GmbH is a young startup that aims to develop modern, custom made software.

The company emerged from Schuler Business Solutions (SBS), which was founded in 2015. Today’s employees of bytemade GmbH worked together on projects for two years before founding bytemade GmbH in 2019. We’re based in Switzerland and operate internationally.

bytemade – with a bite for quality, safety and performance

Our Philosophy

Binary – Why make it complicated when it can be easy !?
You – We focus on your needs
Transparent – Transparent communication and costs
Efficient – We work quickly and efficiently
Motivated – We are always motivated and open to new challenges
Authentic – We identify with what we do
Dynamic – We are innovative and contribute our ideas
Experienced – We have many years of experience and train continuously

Our Team

Manuel Schuler
Partner / Software architect
BSc in Computer Science
Self-employed since 2015.
Complexity is were his comfort zone starts.
Simon Lehmann
Partner / Software engineer
Started his journey at the age of 14. He loves UI/UX design and powerful backend apis. Has worked for big companies like Swiss Post, Cern, VBL
Dena Moshfegh
Partner / Software engineer
BSc in Computer Science
Has made his hobby to his profession. Has worked for companies like datahouse AG and Wüest Partner

Company News